LWLies 46: The Trance Issue

LWLies 46: The Trance Issue film still

Taking you under in three, two, one...


Look into the magazine, don't look around the magazine, look into the magazine... You're under.

Inspired by Danny Boyle's hypnotic art-heist thriller Trance (starring James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel and hitting UK cinemas on 27 March), the latest issue of LWLies is designed to open your mind.

Our award-winning creative team has worked with leading hypnotherapist Hazel Gale to make our most entrancing issue ever. Literally. Within the pages of LWLies 46 are not only a sensory feast of amazing optical tricks, but a powerful hypnotic trigger with the ability to change your life for the better. Are you ready to choose your future?

Beyond top graphic artist Craig Redman's striking cover portrait, you'll also discover:

– The Mesmerist: Danny Boyle reveals how he put the world under his spell

– Dark Visions: how cinema has put its evil eye on the history of hypnosis

– Hollywood Hypnosis: Kevin Costner, Sly Stallone and Darth Vader get some brain surgery

– Put A Spell On You: Rosario Dawson shows us the secret in her eyes

– Blind Rapture: what happened when Werner Herzog hypnotised his cast and shot a movie?

– Catch Michel If You Can: the incredible true-story of the world's greatest art thief

Plus there's all the latest theatrical reviews for March and April; Carlos Reygadas conjures Post Tenebras Lux; Steven Soderbergh feels Side Effects; Jack Black is Bernie; Derek Cianfrance and Ryan Gosling visit The Place Beyond The Pines; Michael Winterbottom shoots The Look Of Love; Park Chan-wook slays Stoker; Zak Efron is The Paperboy; Harmony Korine scores Spring Breakers; Cristian Mungiu goes Beyond The Hills; and François Ozon is In The House.

All that and we've still found room to squeeze in exclusive interviews with Carlos Reygadas and Jack Black plus a special NSFW memo from Harmony Korine.

LWLies 46: The Trance Issue is available to pre-order now from our online shop. Don't miss out.

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