LWLies' Movie Quiz 2012

LWLies' Movie Quiz 2012 film still

Pit your movie wits against our resident quizmaster and see how much you've been paying attention at the cinema this year.

Think you’ve seen a lot of movies this year? Think you’re ready to go 10 rounds with the toughest, tastiest movie quiz in the world? Let’s do this.

See if you can answer the following questions, all pertaining to films released at UK cinemas in the last 12 months. There's 106 points up for grabs. The only prize at stake is your pride. Want us to ring the bell? Ding. Ding.

Download and print out the LWLies Movie Quiz 2012 and test your friends and family.

Once you've completed the quiz, check the answers to find out how you scored. Then tweet your score @LWLies.

Good luck!



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