LWLies' Movie Quiz 2012: How Did You Score?

LWLies' Movie Quiz 2012: How Did You Score? film still

How did you score in our end of year movie quiz?


The curtain’s come down, the lights have come up, you’ve got popcorn all over yourself. Now it's time to find out how you scored.

It’s a point per answer and there are 106 up for grabs. So, how big was your movie brain this year?


The Answers


1. Puzzling Pictures

A) Shame B) Katy Perry: Part Of Me C) Looper D) Rust And Bone E) John Carter F) Ted G) This Must Be The Place H) The Turin Horse I) Prometheus J) Holy Motors K) On The Road L) Sightseers

2. Awkward Acronyms

1) The Amazing Spider-Man 2) W.E. 3) Patience (After Sebald) 4) Martha Marcy May Marlene 5) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 6) This Means War 7) The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists 8) The Bourne Legacy 9) Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World 10) Katy Perry: Part Of Me

3. Anagram Mania

1) Tom Cruise / Rock Of Ages 2) Keira Knightley / A Dangerous Method 3) Jason Statham / The Expendables 2 4) Amy Adams / The Master 5) Freida Pinto / Trishna 6) Greta Gerwig / Damsels In Distress 7) Katy Perry / Katy Perry: Part Of Me 8) Noomi Rapace / Prometheus 9) Christian Bale / The Dark Knight Rises 10) Helena Bonham Carter / Dark Shadows

4. General Knowledge

January: c) February: c) March: a) April: b) May: b) June: c) July: a) Aug: b) Sep: a) Oct: a) Nov: b) Dec: a)

5. Letter Heads

A) Argo B) The Hunger Games C) Project X D) Cosmopolis E) Katy Perry: Part Of Me F) Killing Them Softly G) Skyfall H) Frankenweenie I) Room 237 J) Looper K) Moonrise Kingdom L) The Cabin In The Woods

6. Quote Me

1) 21 Jump Street 2) Lawless 3) The Master 4) Katy Perry: Part Of Me 5) The Expendables 2 6) Magic Mike 7) This Must Be The Place 8) Damsels In Distress 9) Dredd 10) Beasts Of The Southern Wild

7. Movie Monikers

1) Drew Goddard 2) Channing Tatum 3) Paul Rudd 4) Bruce Willis 5) Mark Wahlberg 6) Sylvester Stallone 7) Katy Perry 8) Vince Vaughn 9) Joaquin Phoenix 10) Jennifer Lawrence

8. Lost In Translation

1) We Bought A Zoo 2) Wrath Of The Titans 3) Snow White & The Huntsman 4) What To Expect When You’re Expecting 5) Katy Perry: Part Of Me 6) Haywire 7) The Descendents 8) The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 9) Mirror Mirror 10) The Campaign

9. Hot Links

1) John Carter 2) The Iron Lady 3) Katy Perry: Part Of Me 4) Jack And Jill 5) Total Recall 6) The Dictator 7) The Hobbit 8) Joyful Noise 9) Paranorman 10) Ruby Sparks

10. True Or False

1) True 2) True 3) False 4) True 5) False 6) False 7) True 8) False 9) True 10) False


0-25 points


Oh no... What happened? Dr LWLies’ prescription for you: more movies. Read our Top 10 Films Of 2012 and discover this year’s cream of the crop. Happy viewing!


26-50 points


Your points average, that is. Which suggests you’ve been out living life – swimming with dolphins, writing that novel, learning a foreign language, right? – instead of sitting in dark rooms watching films. Win, win. Because you can still catch up on all the great movies you missed by checking out LWLies Recommends.


51-75 points


Well, well, look at you. Many congratulations, your movie knowledge is most worthy! See you at the movies in 2013. You revision for next year's quiz starts now... (Oh, and let us know if you need a study guide.)


76-100 points


Pretty much. A stunning effort! It takes a truly committed movie fan to score this big. Turkey, egg nog and mince pies are not sufficient festive bounty for one such as yourself. How about treating yourself to one of these?


101-106 points


Whoa. We’re a little bit afraid. You’ve seen an astonishing amount of movies this year. Even the really, really bad ones. Tweet your triumph @LWLies. Then have a lie down. You’ve earned it.


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