LWLies' Top 10 Films Of 2012

LWLies' Top 10 Films Of 2012 film still

We reveal our favourite films from the last 12 months. What's top of your list?


1. Tabu

"With a cavalier approach to science that only a whimsically inclined filmmaker could get away with, Miguel Gomes' film posits that, at a certain point in life, our minds begin to romanticise and subvert the past, fusing our humdrum personal histories with the consoling escapist fantasies of the silver screen. Tabu is about life remembered as silent cinema."

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2. The Master

"Towering performances aside, it’s the understated gestures that stick with you – be it a gentle death knell in the form of a song and a single tear, or a cut away to a naked sand woman that emphasises the importance of holding on to the things you love."

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3. Once Upon A Time In Anatolia

"Hypnotic metaphysical noir from director Nuri Bilge Ceylan about the transitory, often unseen moments of intense beauty that occur in a world overrun by violence and desolation." 

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4. Holy Motors

"Holy shit... That rare thing in cinema: something entirely new. French enfant terrible Leos Carax's sublime and surreal ode to acting, Kylie, moviemaking, Paris and the whole damn thing."

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5. The Kid With A Bike

"The Dardennes have described the film as a fairytale and yet it’s one that looks with characteristic poignancy, honesty and integrity at the hurdles that ordinary people face when attempting to make their way though life." 

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6. The Raid

"Pound for pound, Gareth Evans' deliriously violent Indonesian martial arts flick is the most exciting action movie – and one of the best cinematic spectacles – of the last decade."

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7. Amour

"Astounding performances from Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle  Riva are the pillars that prop up Michael Haneke's formidable answer to the Hollywood weepie."

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8. Two Years At Sea

"A remarkably lyrical and ideologically cohesive doc-fiction hybrid, this portrait of a man living in cheerful hermitage showcases a private, unseen-except-for-just-this-once lifestyle." 

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9. Life Of Pi

"With Life Of Pi, director Ang Lee crafts a pictorially rich, occasionally stunning exercise in CG imagemaking." 

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10. Goodbye First Love

"One of French cinema's most important young talents, Mia Hansen-Love, conjures an honest, universal portrayal of early infatuation."

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And Finally... Team LWLies' Honourable Mentions

Jonathan Crocker – Editor (@JonathanCrocker)

Goon An oddballmix of mega-violence, sadcore romance, crude funnies and ice-slicing action. No other film except Southland Tales has noticed Sean William Scott’s strange, touching melancholy.

Chronicle Stormy emotional darkness and ingenious special-effects make this found-footage super-teen drama a real surprise.

Untouchable Wheeling Monsieur Daisy? Sure. But fantastic performances from François Cluzet (paraplegic millionaire whitey) and Omar Sy (cheeky dancing African) smash this French comedy's cliches with simple, lovely warmth.

Adam Woodward – Deputy Editor (@AWLies)

21 Jump Street What on paper looked like yet another forgettable '80s TV remake turned out to be the funniest film of the year. Fact. Even more unlikely, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum prove themselves a comedy mismatch made in heaven.

Undefeated Nothing gets the blood pumping and heartstrings twanging quite like an underdog sports doc. This intimate portrait of an impoverished college football team and the charismatic coach who never lost faith in them is one of the most honest, inspirational films in memory.

Martha Marcy May Marlene With this dark, achingly beautiful backwoods schizo-drama, first-time writer/director Sean Durkin announced himself as an exciting new indie talent and Elizabeth Olsen as one of the year's brightest newcomers.

David Jenkins – Reviews Editor (@DaveyJenkins)

The Turin Horse Death, drought and spuds. Béla Tarr's operatically nihilistic slab of monochrome apocalyptia makes for a fitting bookmark to an extraordinary career.

Damsels In Distress Whit Stillman returns from the wilderness with blazer and Chinos in tac, delivering this waspish campus comedy gifted with a unique and Martini-dry performance from the great Greta Gerwig.

Dredd While Ang Lee's superb Life Of Pi is maybe the year's best 3D film, it lacked for slo-mo exploding faces, which this double-hard take on the classic 2000AD gave us in spades.

What are your favourite films of the 2012? Let us know below!

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