Top 10 Xmas Gifts For Movie Fans

Top 10 Xmas Gifts For Movie Fans film still

As the song goes, all we want for Christmas is you (to give us some amazing presents). Any of these would be just fine.

1. Totoro Bed

Yes! A cuddly, wuddly cushion-bed shaped like the giant star of Hayao Miyazaki's magical My Neighbour Totoro. You can even pull his tail off and use it as a pillow. Aww. Big enough for two adults or one seriously obese child.

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2. Jaws Tea-Infuser

It's still not safe to go back in the water. Even if you're a teaspoon. Fill this shark-shaped tea steeper with loose leaves and watch the water slowly go dark... We're gonna need a bigger cup.

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3. David Lynch's Coffee + Club Silencio Membership


"Damn good coffee!" Twin Peaks creator David Lynch loves java so much he sells his own favourite beans, selected using his own 'personalised testing method'. We're not asking. For true Lynch-lovers, though, there's a membership to private Parisian club Silencio, personally designed by Lynch after Mulholland Drive's enigmatic nightspot.

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4. Lawless Moonshine

Bottled in an authentic Mason-style jar and aged less than 30 days for that illicit twang, this moonshine whiskey is made in Georgia, where John Hillcoat's Prohibition gangster thriller was shot. Best consumed while wearing a cardigan.

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6. DeLorean Hard Drive

Honey, I shrunk the DeLorean... Reduced to 1:18 of its original size, Doc Brown's time-travelling motor transforms into a portable Seagate 750GB stainless-steel USB hard drive. Sweeeet.

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6. Who Tall Are You

Are you a DeVito or a Dolph? Look in the mirror and measure your height against famous Hollywood stars (including James Dean, Ben Stiller, Jodie Foster, Marilyn Monroe, Woody Allen, Max Von Sydow and Vin Diesel) and famous names from history (BIG Abe Lincoln and ickle Joan Of Arc).

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7. Kill Bill Umbrella-Sword

The Bride used her Hattori Hanzo sword to slice'n'dice the Crazy 88 in Kill Bill: Vol. 1. You can use yours to deflect raindrops using the ancient 'umbrella' technique. Strap it on your back when your tiny watery opponents have all been defeated.

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8. Tauntaum Sleeping Bag

Remember when Han Solo hacked open his alien steed and shoved frozen Luke Skywalker into his toasty warm guts? Now you too can enjoy an offally good night's sleep with this Tauntaum sleeping bag, complete with printed internal intestines and a lightsaber zipper. The force is strong with this one.

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9. Psycho Shower Curtain

Nothing like a knife long shower to start your day. That's right, now you can imagine you're Alfred Hitchcock and Janet Leigh is helplessly at your mercy. You've got a filthy mind, you have. Now get in that shower.

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10. Crocheted Bane Mask

Sure, you could get the cool-looking The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray boxset, shaped by Batman's mask. But that, frankly, is crushed by the awesomeness of this magnificently crocheted version of the mask worn by his nemesis Bane. So long as you don't mind paying £60 for a ball of wool.

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And let's not forget...

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Season's greetings, one and all:

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