LWLies Recommends*

Salomé and Wilde Salomé

Salomé and Wilde Salomé *

Jessica Chastain glitters as Salomé in two films about Al Pacino's version of Oscar Wilde's play.

Night Will Fall

Night Will Fall*

Raw concentration camp images make this documentary hard to watch, important and unforgettable.

The Kidnapping Of Michel Houellebecq

The Kidnapping Of Michel Houellebecq*

The French author plays himself in this amusing and class-aware mockumentary.



Stranger-than-fiction events power this affirmative, funny and well-cast social drama about solidarity.

The Boxtrolls

The Boxtrolls*

A delightful, comic animation with sophisticated social themes from the makers of ParaNorman and Coraline.

Manuscripts Don't Burn

Manuscripts Don't Burn*

Beneath genre trappings, Mohammad Rasoulof's violent Iran-set kidnapping tale is the real revolutionary deal.

At Berkeley

At Berkeley*

Frederick Wiseman brings his insightful and layered filmmaking to one of America's most liberal institutions.

They Came Together

They Came Together*

Writer-director David Wain proves that he's one of the finest comedy filmmakers working right now.