LWLies Recommends*

The Supreme Price

The Supreme Price*

This rousing documentary provides a personal, feminist entry point to Nigeria's pro-Democracy movement.

Tomorrowland A World Beyond

Tomorrowland A World Beyond*

Brad Bird's sparkling sci-fi blockbuster is powered by big ideas and wide-eyed inquiry.

The Tribe

The Tribe*

Miroslav Slaboshpitsky's punishingly bleak tribute to silent cinema and modern disability is a great debut.

Only Angels Have Wings

Only Angels Have Wings*

Howard Hawks' 1939 aviation-themed classic is arguably the first action-comedy-drama-romance-thriller. See it.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road*

The outer chassis may look battered and bruised, but there's well-oiled action perfection under the bonnet.



This quietly radical and poetic teen drama depicts the black experience in the suburbs of Paris.

Stray Dogs

Stray Dogs*

Tsai Ming-liang's (s)low-fi masterpiece Stray Dogs finally makes it to UK cinemas.



Prepare to be floored by Christian Petzold's masterful postwar melo, particularly for its astonishing final shot.