LWLies Recommends*

Man With A Movie Camera

Man With A Movie Camera*

The winner of a recent poll to discover the greatest documentary of all time is re-released to cinemas.



Albert Maysles penultimate film suggests that rabid consumerism can be refined and charming.

Inside Out

Inside Out*

Pixar are firing on all pistons with this wonderful, colour-coded exploration of a child's inner psyche.



Mia Hansen-Løve's extraordinary fourth feature is about the impossibility of beat-matching life and fashion.

Love & Mercy

Love & Mercy*

Two chapters in the tumultuous life of volatile Beach Boys front-man, Brian Wilson.

P’tit Quinquin

P’tit Quinquin*

The high priest of gloom, Bruno Dumont, returns with a comedy which is part Jacques Tati, part Twin Peaks.

Touch Of Evil

Touch Of Evil*

Orson Welles is some kind of a man in this grisly, ultra-melancholic border-town noir from 1958.

Song Of The Sea

Song Of The Sea*

Do Ghibli and Pixar have a new rival in Irish director Tomm Moore? This stunning film would suggest they do.