A Man's Story Review

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A Man's Story takes you on an enjoyable, if not tumultuous, ride.

Fashion documentaries are in. But A Man’s Story, a biopic of Ozwald Boateng, the first black designer to open a shop on Savile Row, ain’t no copycat. Over a decade in the making, it allows the subject’s personal and professional growth to be properly captured over time, revealing the real man behind the veneer, layer after bespoke layer.

What starts as a series of conceited yelps from a short-tempered young designer soon settles down to the struggle of a workaholic for whom life is about fighting to achieve, inciting a reaction and enjoying the extremes of experience. But let’s not forget: fashion is a game of illusion.

Boateng plays the roles of scary boss, cheeky catwalk chappy and regretful-daddy-that’s-never-around a little too convincingly. He seems real, but do we believe a man this controlling would truly reveal all of himself?

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