Blood Car Review

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Lewd, crude and at times gory, this small-budget horror climbs through the gears to a gleefully cynical finale.

In the near future, sky-rocketing fuel prices mean "nobody drives anymore". Discovering that the wheatgrass engine he has invented in fact requires human blood to run, vegan kindergarten teacher Archie quickly abandons his every principle just to keep his tank full and his carnal, auto-obsessed girlfriend Denise on board.

Finally released in the UK some half a decade after it was first winning awards on the festival circuit, director/co-writer Alex Orr's debut satire on the true cost of America's addiction to petrol has lost little of its oil-black prescience.

Lewd, crude and at times gory, this small-budget blend of Ferat Vampire and Little Shop of Horrors climbs through the gears from low comedy to a gleefully cynical finale that launches Archie's Faustian dilemma into the geopolitical arena.

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