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A hilarious insight into the world of dating, with a lorra, lorra laughs to be had.

What would you do if you found out your spouse was cheating on you and wanted a divorce? For Cal Weaver (Steve Carell), throwing himself from a moving car is a natural reaction to such disgruntling news.

Just as Cal hits tarmac bottom, however, blonde and bronzed Ryan Gosling comes along to pick him up and polish him into a perfectly eligible bachelor. Gosling is Jacob, the kind of effortless ladies’ man who prowls around swanky bars armed with the kind of killer lines no woman can resist. Jacob sniffs a challenge in the baggy-eyed and wretched Cal, who, it’s fair to say, is more St Bernard than tomcat.

So Jacob becomes Cal’s very own Mr Miyagi, mentoring him in the fine art of luring the laydees – lose the sneakers; ditch the Velcro; stop talking about the ex; and never, under any circumstances, drink a pink drink through a straw. Cal’s transformation from loser to lothario is truly hilarious, yet his secret nighttime ventures to his ex-wife’s garden (this is not a euphemism – he just wants to put the correct fertiliser on the flowers) serve as a reminder that, beneath the new designer suit, there still lies a broken heart.

In a somewhat unexpected twist, what appears to be a film about the pedestrian pitfalls of divorce gradually becomes one about the unequivocal sanctity of true love. Crazy, Stupid, Love. retains a touching faith in romance, and does so without the sentimentality one might expect.

In fact, with plenty of silly subplots involving teenage crushes, babysitters and one-night stands – not to mention an on-song Kevin Bacon as the accountant who makes a cuckold of our pitiful hero, and Emma Stone as the unlikely gal who turns our bad boy good – this sweet-as-pie rom-com has been smartly repackaged in a modern box.

Crazy, Stupid, Love. is a refreshing parable about finding your soul mate, done in a way guaranteed to leave you laughing, rather than barfing.

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4 years ago
Awesome movie/ Julianne Moore unconditionally beautiful woman.

George O

4 years ago
Loved this film 5/5 for me :)

Adam Richmond

3 years ago
Despite some funny lines, this is a very average movie, and one that never quite recovers from not one, but two silly plot contrivances. Despite setting itself up as something refreshing, it ends up churning out the usual Hollywood nonsense of 'one true love' and 'soul mates'. Throw in a kid who acts beyond his years (a la most rom coms these days) Julianne Moore playing exactly the same role as in The Kids are Alright and that most boring of devices, 'the big romantic speech in front of a big crowd to win everyone over' and what we're left with is no game changer (with the exception of the great AIDS joke). That it comes from the team behind the anarchically fun I Love You Philip Morris makes its failure and conformity all the more baffling. A massive disappointment given LWL generous review.

George O

3 years ago
If I were to pick apart every film I could find dozens of faults, but picking apart a rom-com? What's the point? Everyone accepts that they're all different pages of the same book, this one was just more enjoyable than most. So what if it had some of the same devices used in rom-coms, it used them well, and guess what? This is a rom-com! :)

LWL gave it a pitch perfect review - "In fact, with plenty of silly subplots involving teenage crushes, babysitters and one-night stands ... this sweet-as-pie rom-com has been smartly repackaged in a modern box." - LWL called a spade a spade, so what's your beef?

'massive disappointment' - you're hard to please, while it lagged at times, I thought it fresh and often original despite some tried and tested unoriginality.
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