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A disastrous disaster movie. Worth a point for the impressive, over-reaching tech work, though.

Iron Sky is, to adopt technical parlance, a piece of shit. This is a film set in 2018 and opens by revealing that – for reasons the filmmakers haven’t bothered to flesh out – the Nazis fled from the Europe in 1945 and have been orchestrating a counter attack from a Swastika-shaped hidey-hole on the Moon. Yep, Moon Nazis. That’s where we’re at.

In what feels like a digital effects reel that’s been haphazardly spliced in to a particularly lacklustre episode of South Park, this limpest-of-limp satires shows us how the Nazis came back to Earth, and then how the denizens of Earth, now led by a bumbling, reactionary Sarah Palin clone, are not averse to using the same underhand tactics as their vile foes. You can just about forgive the film’s willful idiocy, because that’s exactly where it’s pitched.

That it’s horrendously dramatised, offensive without ever being clever and, on a visual level, looks like a relic from 1998 – no, you cannot forgive that. The purported satirical barbs are as blunt as a ladle – while the one good joke (a reference to Chaplin’s The Great Dictator) is milked for all its meagre worth.

What’s so sad about this revolting, would-be straight-to-DVD mess is that a lot of the production design and digital work – particularly the steampunky space ships – are actually rather impressive. The great tragedy is that all this hard work has been put to the service of something so utterly, irredeemably, triumphantly awful.

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David Dragonetti

3 years ago
Well your opinion isn't shared by many.....The film was originally only going to be shown for one day during mid week in the UK, however quite simply due to fans protest the film is now nationwide........It was a success in Germany (of all places) and across Europe, but received bad reviews in America no doubt because it constantly pointed out a few home truths about the US government.....(i'm guessing this website is american so perhaps your comment are no surprise) .....As the film had no big stars and had a controversial theme (plus the anti american government stance) the big US studios wouldn't touch it thus its regulated to smaller cinemas.......


3 years ago
I don't think it says anything to be honest.

If modern day Germans find the protrayal of Nazis in this film funny they're hardly laughing at themselves are they?

And Tina Fey's Sarah Palin on SNL was a massive hit in America. That's because it was funny. The American president in this movie is painful.

This movie reminds me of Mars Attacks. I went to it with the best will in the world but it didn't live up to it's premise. Some of it looks lovely, some of it was fun, but as a whole it's a mess.

As for the fans protest for a bigger release. Weren't they more like pre-fans? As in people who were excited about the movie but hadn't seen it yet. Isn't this snakes on a plane all over again.

I'm an Irishman in London by the way.

Berend Harmsen

3 years ago
Funny, I was thinking the same thing. I was surprised to find out the other day that they actually managed to make the film after all these years, when someone pointed out it was showing here in Amsterdam, where it is doing very, very well. We were speculating on how well this would go over in the US, and lo and behold: IMDB gives it a 7, and Rottentomatoes (which is VERY US-centric) gives it a 4.
I haven't seen the movie in its entirety yet, but I get the impression that it stereotypes Americans basically exactly the way Europeans see them - and they do the same with the Nazi's.
Interesting that the Germans see the funny side of that and Americans don't. What does that say about both nation's ability of self-deprication?


3 years ago
It get the feeling David, that you didn't especially like it? I may be wrong.
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