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This sparkly piece of popstar puff documents Katy Perry's rise to fame, but the juiciest details are left on the cutting room floor.

Pop tour doc Katy Perry: Part of Me follows the California gurl herself as she takes on the world during her year-long California Dreams tour. Live performances from the show and hijinx from the road are interspersed with archive footage and talking heads that tell the story of how Perry made it big. Unfortunately, as sweet as Perry comes across, the product as a whole is masturbatory, jarring and ultimately pretty dull.

First off, the segues that connect events in Perry’s personal life to the highly-produced set numbers she happens to be performing on tour make Mamma Mia! look subtly nuanced. One scene which sees colleagues describe a pre-signed Perry’s tug-o-war with various record labels, is intercut with a performance of 'What Am I Living For?', where dancers tie ropes around the black-clad popstar as she struggles to writhe away. You get the picture.

But spoon-fed saccharin isn’t always a deal breaker if you can pack a punch with an engaging story. A doc about staying true to oneself with signature sass and peppy songs is all well and good, but in a film about Katy Perry there’s one question that needs to be addressed above all others: that of Russell Brand.

All schadenfreude aside, Perry acolytes will want to know what the hell happened, right? Frustratingly, bar a few tears and an epiphany from Perry on her second chance at life post-break up (yawn), we get nothing.

Perhaps it’s a bleak sign of the times, but the mystery surrounding Perry’s breakup with Brand is arguably the only satiating thread left in the tapestry of Perry’s over-reported life. Without that key fragment, Katy Perry: Part of Me doesn’t really tell any story at all.

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Katy Perry

3 years ago
I'm not sure why I should have to talk about my very private split with Russell.

Russell Brand

3 years ago
That's right Katie, it's our private business which you shouldn't have to talk about. However, I bear no such scruples and will be telling all in my new film Russell Brand: Part in you (3D)
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