Loose Cannons Review

Loose Cannons film still

Ferzan Ozpetek’s latest is a pretty typical Italian tale of dynastic change.

Ferzan Ozpetek’s Loose Cannons is a pretty typical Italian tale of dynastic change. Tommaso (Riccardo Scamarchio) is an aspiring writer who returns from Rome to his provincial southern hometown, where his father is planning to hand the family pasta factory to him and brother Antonio (Alessandro Preziosi).

Tommaso plans a dramatic confession that he’s gay to escape such drudgery, but is beaten to the punch by his equally secretly gay brother. One paternal heart attack later, family ties are snapping.

Ozpetek takes these men and women as they are, revealing deep emotions in broad strokes. Everyone here is a disappointed misfit, not just the loose cannons in the clan.

But where a Fellini would also include hard barbs of human nature at its worst, Ozpetek’s deep belief in family and friends sees these bonds soften the conflict. He has the all-embracing, crowd-pleasing virtues of a daytime soap. But he has a bigger, truer heart.

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