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Like a John Hughes film spiralling down the K-hole.

Producer Todd Phillips ushers a trio of teens in front of director Nima Nourizadeh’s lascivious lens for 90 minutes of hedonistic, handheld chaos.

Project X doesn’t have the charm of, say, a Superbad, but then sucking base cocaine through a glass cock is hardly what you’d call ‘endearing’. It’s like a John Hughes film spiralling down the K-hole, only Ferris Bueller wouldn’t last five minutes at this joint.

The mock-doc style, so often employed as a lazy shorthand, works a treat here as we eavesdrop on a tale as old as Animal House, following three likeable dudes getting their freak on for the roadblock rave house-party to end them all. The goal, as ever, is to improve their social standing and get laid with various Megan Fox-alikes. It’s helped no end by the fact that in California teen movies, there’s a phat house with a pool and everyone, especially when dancing in slo-mo, looks impossibly hip.

Oliver Cooper plays Costa, some kind of cross between Vince Vaughan in Swingers and Turtle in HBO’s Entourage, hustling a night of "balls-deep entertainment" to remember. Gnome filled with ecstasy? Check. Mental midget in the oven? Check. Crazed flame-throwing drug dealer en route to apply the comedown? Check.

Yes, there’s a formula at work, but the energy of the performances which capture those sweet moments of youth when anything is possible, combined with Nourizadeh’s nimble editing skills (honed on promos for the likes of Hot Chip and Mark Ronson), makes for an entertaining ride. It’s more than just another R-rated swearathon.

If you’re still young enough to see in the sunrise on a cocktail of pills, booze and delirium – or old enough to have survived a few – this is one party you’ll wish you’d been at.

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Jack Bottomley

3 years ago
One of the worst films I have ever paid to see, Project X was a detestable piece of uninspiring filmmaking. Not funny at all and an insult to accomplished comedies and found footage films alike.


3 years ago
I wonder if everyone else in the audience were thinking “yeah, yeah, I’ve been to some parties in my time”, as the film began. Indeed up until a certain point, I was still thinking “these boys are just partying like it’s 1999”. And then there was the midget in the oven. And at that point, I took my hat off and allowed them to boast of the “most epic party”.


3 years ago
Derivative, misogynistic rubbish. Not one of the characters is sympathetic (except for possibly the neighbour/father who goes around to ask them to keep the noise down, only to be tasered) and the storyline is in no way believable. "Project X doesn’t have the charm of, say, a Superbad" - well, this film has no charm at all. None.

I would have accepted a score of 2.2.2, but in all honesty this should have been 2.1.1. Avoid at all costs.
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