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Ashleigh Woods pens her first (and last) LWLies review of a Miley Cyrus action-comedy vehicle for Generation ZOMG.

Seriously you guys, Miley Cyrus is, like, totes amazeballs in her new movie, So Undercover. She plays this private investigator called Molly who's, like, so smart and so adorbz – OMG who knew a flannel shirt and motorbike helmet could look so swag?! – and she looks out for her dad who's a sweet guy but, like, makes bad decisions but it's really hard cos he's been a single-parent since Molly was really young. It's so emosh!

Anyways, she's totes awesome and, like, just a normal teenage girl! You know when the FBI hires you to crash a sorority house to help protect the daughter of a one-time mobster who's due to testify against his former cohorts, and you end up falling for a super cute senior who may or may not be working for a notorious eastern European crime lord? Isn't that so like real life!

So Miley gets a makeover but not like Amanda Bynes in She's The Man more like LiLo in Mean Girls or that classic Sandra Bullock movie Miss Congeniality. And she goes to college but it's, like, so unfair cos all the other sorority skanks gang up on her even though she's new and trying really hard to fit in and can you believe what happened to Shelley Simon? Oh. My. God.

But Miley wins them over cos, duh, she's Miley and everyone sees that she's a good person inside just like she is IRL and so the sisters end up helping Miley on her top-secret mission and did you see her on the cover of the September issue of Marie Claire and what do you think of her new haircut? Don't you just think Miley would be the best BFF ever?!

So maybe So Undercover isn't as flawless as the Hannah Montana movie but all the haters saying Miley's film career is over need to shut up cos they don't know her they're just trippin' cos Miley is so amazing and so strong and she's been through so much and all you haters need to, like, back off, okay?

Seriously, don't you just wish all the Miley haters would get a life! Ya'll acting like the girl gone cray-cray but you don't know her so just stop spreading lies. Everyone makes mistakes. #YOLO! People can actually relate to her cos she's not some fake celebrity! She's a REAL PERSON you guys and she's, like, so talented doesn't it just makes you wanna throw up? We ♥ you Miley!

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