Zebra Crossing Review

Zebra Crossing film still

These homophobic, sexist and racist wild boys are a tabloid vision, shorn of any nuance.

The bleak and desperate lives of four South London adolescents are woefully presented in Zebra Crossing, an entirely misjudged attempt at gritty realism that portrays these teenagers in the most ludicrous and formulaic manner imaginable.

Structured as a loose series of scenes that gather little dramatic momentum, the film follows these friends as they run around aimlessly, scoring drugs, shooting pigeons and committing a series of robberies and assaults. These homophobic, sexist and racist wild boys are a tabloid vision, shorn of any nuance.

The politics of Zebra Crossing are utterly depressing. Redemption and comeuppance are divided accordingly in a bullet-riddled finale, thankfully polishing off enough of the cast to signal an end to this wreck of a film.

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Bobby Williams

4 years ago
Having had to endure several clips,reviews and interviews of this appallingly violent and pointless film it just leaves me in a vomitous state! Ever since 'Lock,Stock..' British writers and directors have painfully plagiarised the grotesque violence of fake macho youth without adding any style or anything profound! It only serves as another blueprint for loser youth, inarticulate, sexually inadequate with their extremely tedious existence!

Anton Bitel

4 years ago
This film is not without its flaws, but it would be a mistake to suggest that it lacks style. Despite the low budget, it is full of narrative and visual idiosyncrasies (black-and-white with the odd flash of colour, timelapse, canted angles, chronological disruptions, disorienting dream sequences, minute sounds - like a tear running down stubble - hyperamplified) that are in constant combat with its more conventional mode of gritty realism. The director clearly has his favourite influences (especially Rumble Fish, La Haine and Trainspotting), but hats off to him for aiming so high (stylistically, at any rate) with his debut. This film actually begins and ends in a manner not entirely different from Biutiful... The script, and some of the performances, are certainly clunky at times, but give Sam Holland a few years (and some audacious investors) and I reckon there's a decent arthouse director in him just dying to break out.

Michael White

4 years ago
With respect to James Mansfield he quite conveniently omitted to mention the hatful of awards the film has won. In this context, kudos must also go to all four leads in the film.

There are clearly many who consider dropping a pint glass in Coronation street to be unnecessarily violent......and who then rant on with the tedious commentary skills of someone who has recently digested a thesaurus (You know who you are Bobby...bless).

Wake up and smell the coffee....life is bleak on council estates. Homophobic, sexist and racist wild boys are not a tabloid vision, they are real. Certainly more real then daft comments which suggest anything to the contrary.

I understand this film cost somewhere in the region of £60,000 to make which is quite unbelievable and puts to shame many which cost several £millions. The awards reflect this and more significantly will enable several very promising actors as well as the very talented Sam Holland to make some lasting future impressions in the film industry. Well Done!


4 years ago
Did we watch the same film? This was a VERY impressive, if flawed, first attempt. Good performances, beautiful cinematography, bit over-directed, but so what? I completely believed the characters, especially their bullying, kick-downwards interactions, and was thoroughly depressed by their plight. Not perfect, but way above average. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's without merit

Lookash Orleanski

4 years ago
guys who knows something bout soundtracks for that movie ?


4 years ago
Who can tell me the film locations? I know it's south west london, and one scene it's been shot in the Clapham South tube station, but I'd like to know also where the 4 towers of the estate are.
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